Do you ever have special events?2021-04-27T17:37:23-07:00

We love celebrations! You can find most upcoming and past events here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know.

Do you have a store directory?2021-04-27T17:27:36-07:00

Yup! Find a full list of all of our stores and their locations in the shopping center here.

What are you doing to stay Covid safe?2021-04-27T09:45:10-07:00

You will find it easy to practice social distancing at our spacious outdoor shopping center. We ask all visitors to practice state mask mandates. Check out more about that here. Stay safe.

Where can I find deals and sale information?2021-04-27T12:59:09-07:00

We try to keep any big Union Landing news on our Events and Deals page but if you really want to stay in the know then sign up for our monthly Newsletter. 

What are your store hours?2021-04-27T12:53:44-07:00

Since we offer a variety of services, individual store hours vary. Most stores are open between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm. Please check with the store you would like to visit to verify. Visit our store directory for a full list of stores.

Who can I contact if I have a question about Union Landing?2021-04-27T12:45:52-07:00

If you have a specific inquiry about the Union Landing Shopping Center, you can send an email to hello@unionlanding.com. If we cannot answer your question we will try to direct you to the right department.

What kind of stores are at Union Landing?2019-11-13T07:39:46-08:00

To view the list of stores at Union Landing, visit our Store Directory under the map menu.

How do I sign up for your newsletter?2019-11-13T07:41:14-08:00

To sign up for our newsletter, click here. You will get a confirmation for your submission shortly after we receive your completed sign up form.

Where do I park?2019-11-13T07:42:17-08:00

Visit the main page of the location you’re searching for, the parking map of that location is available under “Best Place to Park”.

Visit our store directory for a full list of stores.

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