Time to teach Captain Luna Lagoon that no puzzle

or riddle could ever stop us from finding treasure!

This neighborhood features 6 puzzles (i.e. 6 participating locations).

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Spring Into Action!

Puzzle #11

There’s a legend of a place that draws in big crowds,
I’ll give you the scoop, don’t repeat this out loud.
I’m looking for a magic counter, where dreams reach the stars,
And I won’t leave without it, I’ve traveled so far.

With each spoonful savored, a memory’s made,
In this kingdom of sweetness, where joy will soon fade.
I’m not sure what to get, I’ll make it up as I go!
Adding fruits, nuts, and candy, won’t stop till it overflows.

Puzzle #13

There lies a place where delights unfurl,
In a kingdom of treats that are out of this world.
A box of delights, filled with sweet doughy dreams,
With flavors to die for, without being extreme.

You know how they say, life isn’t always sugar and spice?
Well this place makes you forget, and boy is that nice!
Where flour meets butter in a golden creation,
I hid this one well, so you won’t find its location.

Puzzle #14

In a little nook, there’s something truly special,
Where explorers from all paths love to nestle.
The best place to start your morning, that place is here,
No matter how much you need to travel, from far or near.

As I make my way through Courthouse Drive,
I snatch and grab cakes, pastries, and apple pie.
What’d you expect? I’m a pirate after all,
One that knows this shopping center from wall to wall.

Puzzle #15

In realms of slumber, where fairy tales begin,
Lies a haven of rest, you’ll only find if you win.
From plush mattresses, to egyptian cotton sheets,
I’m guilty of on the daily, snoozing the alarm on repeat.

Nothing comes between feeling cozy and warm,
Like dreaming to the sound of a calming rainstorm.
Guess this dreamy emporium, where night never grows old,
Where imagination runs wild and the best dreams unfold.

Puzzle #17

Adventure is the only way of life here,
Featuring apparel, footwear, and outdoor gear.
Discounts abundant, up to sixty percent!
Explorers everywhere, shop to great extent.

No matter where your journey is, they’ll have what you need,
I’d start heading here now, better pick up the speed.
For when a treasure this great is waiting to be discovered,
Only those brave enough to explore will ever get to uncover.