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This neighborhood features 6 puzzles (i.e. 6 participating locations).

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Spring Into Action!

Puzzle #1

Through the land of sweetness, I silently peep,
Where sugary dreams form pyramids, ever so steep.
Seeking to find the secret land of Glaze,
I’ve been longing for this, dreaming about it for days.

So I plan to steal the recipe, get my hands on the prize,
But burying this treasure would probably be wise.
Because I know in the end, the town will put up a fight,
Even if that means scavenging all day and scavenging all night.

Puzzle #2

In a realm of adventure, where tales are spun,
There’s a store of wonders, under the sun.
Amidst the cobblestones, where mysteries creep,
Lies a footwear master, where treasures sleep.

To strengthen or relax your walkers, in every size,
Each pair holds secrets, beneath their disguise.
In a quest for the perfect fit, fellow villains roam,
Through mountains of options, far from home.

Puzzle #3

There’s a tale of a place where flavors abide,
Where wizards make magic and ingredients collide.
In mountains of toppings and valleys of cheese,
Each slice a treasure to savor and seize.

In the quest for flavor, I dare to seek,
Through jungles of cravings, and canyons so steep.
In the temple of taste, where legends reside,
The Everest and Mt. Veggiemore, my savory guide!

Puzzle #4

In the heart of the city where daredevils are born,
Breakfast awaits from night until morn.
Searching for food, hungry travelers unite,
Pleased of the options to fill their appetite.

But a new menu item? It came out of the blue!
I’ll seize every bite, when my kingdom reigns true.
With each sacred item, my soul is fulfilled,
I’m the talk of the town, that’s an art of the skilled.

Puzzle #5

When I’m craving something bold and fiery like me,
Look no further than the empire by the molten lava sea.
Where meals come with heat levels as hot as the reaper,
That’ll bring anyone to tears, I’m usually not much of a weeper.

To meet these legends, I have traveled so far,
To claim the spiciest secrets, no matter where they are.
For I know that in my quest, the thrill of victory lies,
I’ll see ya here if you make it, I’ll be in my disguise.

Puzzle #6

Believe it or not we’re alike in many ways,
I too have my fair share of terribly bad days.
On those long days when no gold is in sight,
Only a creamy bowl of pasta could make the day right.

There’s a place that brings happiness and pleasure,
Pizza, pasta, you name it! It’s a treasure.
Tomato and basil, a true power couple,
I’ve given enough clues, time to solve the puzzle.