I can’t think of a better way to spend

a warm Spring day than scavenging for gold!

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Spring Into Action

Puzzle #18

In aisles of wood and stone, you can find my heart,
Where people often go, to turn their home smart.
Gadgets and timbers stand tall and grand,
A playground for the handy, a pirate’s land.

Listen up and get ready, here’s a clue to this trail,
One filled with power tools, bolts, hammers, and nails,
From appliances to light fixtures, every need met,
In this kingdom of DIY, where wonders are set.

Puzzle #19

In a prime destination, lies a magical island,
That feels like a second home, as cherished as a diamond.
An anchor for pirates and sailors, from nearby territories,
Where explorers exchange goods, adventures, and stories.

A place where it’s safe to run, jump, and play,
Where spirits are free every hour of the day.
Young souls gather ’round this colorful place,
To share laughter and joy, this is their happy space.

Puzzle #20

In the shadows of dawn, where screens flicker and glow,
Pirates from overseas, search for sound and video flow.
From vibrant TVs to speakers, that resonate with might,
This sanctuary of gadgets light up the darkest night.

A wall of dreams and entertainment fill every aisle,
Immersive experiences that make moments worthwhile.
So guess this video haven, where audio and visuals blend,
The last stop on the mission, I’ll see you here in the end.